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Here are some samples of my design work. You can also see samples of my editorial work and writing.

Kiva icons

Unlike many "social networks", is more about social impact than socializing. Kiva is a microlending community that lets people make small loans to entrepreneurs who otherwise can't access credit. Most but not all loan recipients are in developing countries.

Kiva iconsI wanted to help promote this incredible site, so I went looking for the sort of miniature icons people use to promote other social networking sites. I couldn't find any for Kiva, so I designed these (based on their logo). They're PNGs with a transparent background, at the standard dimensions of 48x48, 32x32, 24x24, 20x20, and 16x16 pixels. Kiva icon See my Kiva lender page.

Please take them and help spread the message about Kiva—absolutely no credit necessary. Just be sure to link them back to

Download a ZIP file of all five icons

NACLA Report on the Americas

For several years in the late 1990s and early 2000s, I worked in a range of positions at the North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA), a nonprofit founded in 1966 that publishes NACLA Report on the Americas, a leading magazine on Latin American society and U.S. policy toward the region.

During my time as Production Manager, I performed the layout of the magazine as well as designing other materials for the organization. These are a few of the covers I did in 2001.

Customization of a WordPress theme

The career gurus behind the 21 Century Worklife website liked the general look of the WordPress theme they chose, but found it a bit too dark and dreary. Early in 2011 I helped develop a new color palette and customized the theme for a lighter, fresher look in line with their outlook on the new worklife paradigm.


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Idealist materialsI worked with for several years as their editor. Part of my role involved creating promotional materials as well as books for the organization. Below are a few samples.


The Idealist Guides to Nonprofit Careers

This is a Google Books embed of The Idealist Guide to Nonprofit Careers for Sector Switchers. It is one of two books (the other is for first-time job seekers) which I edited and produced for the nonprofit networking site in 2008 (based on an original template by Kerstin Vogdes of KV Design).

Hundreds of Heads print editions of Idealist GuidesWhile the Guides are available as free PDFs, interest arose in publishing the books in print as well. In late 2009, I carried out the project of reformatting the original designs to work in a new, perfect-bound, two-color format.

The finished products—published by Hundreds of Heads Books—hit store shelves in February 2010. You can read more about the print editions of the books at the following pages on

Banner ads for Idealist resources

Above is a banner ad I designed for's International Volunteerism Resource Center, a free online resource center that I also edited and web-designed (note: the design has changed significantly since my departure).

Above is one of a set of small banner ads I designed to promote the print editions of The Idealist Guides to Nonprofit Careers, published by Hundreds of Heads Books.

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