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Editorial work

Here are some samples of my editorial work for print and web. Also be sure to see the Texts section for more samples of my writing.

Work with Transparency International

Transparency International screenshotsFrom 2011 until the present, I've worked as Web Editor at Transparency International (TI), the global coalition against corruption. I work in the Secretariat in Berlin, which supports some 100 national chapters worldwide. I helped build the current TI website (which launched in 2012), working on both the technical and editorial sides. I've written or edited hundreds of texts and articles on the site over the years, and contributed on various communications fronts (design, publishing, press work, social media). Some highlights include trying different approaches to the flagship Corruption Perceptions Index, reimagining the presentation of our 300+ page Global Corruption Report for web, and helping my team keep up in a high-stress, low-resource environment.

Colombia Journal screenshotFrom 2001 until 2011, I served as Associate Editor of Colombia Journal. Founded in 2000 by investigative journalist Garry Leech and run completely by volunteers, Colombia Journal published analysis of the ongoing conflict in Colombia and U.S. policy toward the country. Over the years, Colombia Journal showcased the talents of many authors while providing a critical and independent take on Colombia—one frequently at odds with mainstream coverage that was (and remains) overly reliant on official sources.

While I did not edit each of the 300+ articles on the site, I worked on many of them, particularly in the early years from 2001 to 2005. I also reported from Colombia, and wrote several articles and reports based on my work there—these are available in my Texts section and at Colombia Journal.

Projects with is a nonprofit, interactive website where people and organizations can exchange resources and ideas, locate opportunities and supporters, and take steps to turn their good intentions into actions.

Over many years working with, I contributed editorial and design skills to a wide range of resources, books, and materials—from writing the organization's editorial style guide and "About Us" section to editing its first annual report and its first books. I also edited and web-designed several of Idealist's free, informative online resource centers (unfortunately the design has since changed). These included:

Working with talented authors like Meg Busse, Steven Joiner, and Amy Potthast, I edited and led the production of the following books for (all available as free PDFs):

The two Guides were subsequently published by Hundreds of Heads Books in 2010 and are now available in stores.

Idealist materials iconsMy work also involved a combination of writing, editing, and designing promotional materials for the organization and its programs, publications, and events. Of particular editorial interest is this description of's programs (PDF) which was routinely distributed to attendees of the organization's national series of nonprofit career, graduate school, and global volunteering fairs.

You can see more samples of my Idealist work on my Designs page.


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Projects with Minority Rights Group International

MRG screenshotsSince 2010 I've worked as Consultant Web Editor/Developer with Minority Rights Group International, the leading international human rights organization working to secure rights for ethnic, religious, and linguistic minorities and indigenous people around the world. I have helped to maintain and enhance MRG's multifaceted web presence, including its Minorities in Focus blog, the Minority Voices Newsroom mediaspace, and its main website.

MRG online training screenshotI have also been the web developer of MRG's Global Advocacy Programme, an online training course for minority rights advocates and activists in dozens of countries. The course is offered in multiple languages and is based on the open source online learning platform, Moodle.

The Idealist Guides to Nonprofit Careers


Above is a Google Books embed of The Idealist Guide to Nonprofit Careers for First-time Job Seekers. It is one of two books (the other is for sector switchers) which I edited and produced for the nonprofit networking site The Guides were published by Hundreds of Heads Books in 2010, and are also available as free PDFs at

Kerstin Vogdes of KV Design created the original template for the books, which I adapted and expanded into the subsequent online and print editions.

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