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Welcome to my texts archive. This section is a work in progress—content is being added regularly. You can also see some of my editing work here.


Contested Country: An Examination of Current Propaganda Techniques in the Colombian Civil War  (2005)

Civilian “Collaborators” in Colombia’s Conflict  (2004)

The Ambiguous Nature of "Collaboration" in Colombia  (2004)

Araucan Nightmare: Life and Death in Tame  (2003)

The Massacre at Betoyes  (2003)

Uribe Administration Impeding Foreign Press  (2002)

Washington's New Weapon in the War on Drugs  (2000)

A Beginner’s Guide to Multilateral Lending in the 1990s  (1999)

Times Square Record Mart: Universidad de Música Latina   (1999)
   with Bernardo Ruiz

Looking Back: Seventeen Years Since the El Mozote Massacre  (1999)

Commentary and Columns

Horse Meat Scandal: Food Transparency in Focus (2013)

Washington's Colombia Habit (2005)

When Disaster Strikes: Considerations for Helping Relief Efforts  (2005)

Open Your Kids Up to New Possibilities: Have Them Volunteer  (2005)

Washington Has Lost Its Way in Colombia  (2004)

Are They Civilians or Mercenaries?   (2001)
   with Garry Leech

Healthy Banks, Hungry People: The PRI's Priorities for Mexico  (1999)

Let Them Eat Cake... The End of the Tortilla Subsidy in Mexico  (1999)


Defense Minister Discusses Human Rights and the Armed Forces   (2001)
   by Jineth Bedoya Lima (translation from Spanish by Eric Fichtl)

U.S. Mercenaries in Colombia  (2000)
   by Ignacio Gómez (translation from Spanish by Eric Fichtl)

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An Introduction to the Third Sector in Hong Kong: Historical Developments and Current Outlook  (2006)

Free Speech and the Limits of Tolerance: The Case of David Irving  (2006)

Other or One of Us? Bulgaria’s Attempt to Assimilate Its Ethnic Turks  (2005)


On Robert Skidelsky’s Keynes: Return of the Master  (2010)

Muro de la Memoria  (2006)

On Nury Vittachi’s North Wind  (2006)


Read intrepid investigative journalist Garry Leech's new book charting his experiences (and detention by an armed group) in Colombia's intractable conflict. Leech is a courageous figure in the realm of real journalism.

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